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Gilbert Stewart

 1755 1828   

Stewart is widely considered one of America's foremost portrait painters. His best known work is the unfinished portrait of George Washington.

Mary Randolph


Author of The Virginia House-Wife, one of the most influential housekeeping and recipe books of the nineteenth century.

Pocahontas, known as Rebecca Rolfe

c. 1595 - 1617

First named Motoaka, daughter of Powhatan, in what is now Virginia. While being held at Jamestown, she converted to Christanity and married John Rolfe. They traveled to England and she was presented to society in hopes of getting investment in the Jamestown settlement.

Stephen Decatur

1779 - 1820

Hero in the War with Tripoli and the War of 1812, reached the rank of Commander.

Oliver Hazard Perry

1785 - 1819

He served in the War of 1812 against Britain. He earned the title "Hero of Lake Erie" for leading American forces in a decisive naval victory at the Battle of Lake Erie, a turning point in the battle for the west in the War of 1812.

Francis Scott Key

1779 - 1843

American lawyer, author, and amateur poet, who wrote the lyrics to the United States' national anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner" after watching the bombardment of Fort McHenry in Baltimore Harbor.